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 Government of Croatia! (agir) merci

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Government of Croatia! (agir) merci Empty
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Sample Letter to Copy and Send *** *** Sample Letter to Copy and Send ***

Copy and send the following letter please to:

gradonacelnik@benkovac.hr, info@eurogroupforanimals.org; neil.parish@europarl.europa.eu; predsjednik@vlada.hr; cabinet.minister@mvpei.hr; info@htz.hr

croemb.london@mvp.hr; amboffice@croationembassy.co.uk; croemb.haag@mvp.hr; vlprhbec@reinprecht.at; croatian.embassy.roma@mvp.hr; dnevnik@dnevnik.hr; martina.borovac@mvp.hr; info@kroatische-botschaft.de

If you are an EU citizen, please complete the final section in your own words - asking / demanding EU action.


Mayor, Gradonacelnik Erstic, Sir!

Now you are going one step too far: don’t embarrass the International Community of Animal Defenders with your shameless lies!

You never cared for these animals; you never gave one single KUNA to this non-kill dog-shelter. O yes, pardon us! In January 2008 you bought 20 miserable sacks of dry-food for the 83 dogs – and that’s it!!! You NEVER paid for any veterinary intervention!

The only money you intent to spend on these dogs, 1 cat + 1 rabbit, is paying for their murdering.

Please confess : what ‘s the hidden agenda behind your hideous action?

Whose interests are you defending? (Certainly not the dogs!)

Who feels disturbed by the presence of an animal- shelter at BENKOVAC????

Why did you order to padlock the shelter, preventing the caretaker, M. DINKO OZAKOVIC and others to enter?

- Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen – Government of Croatia!

Please, where is your helping in this ugly story? This is MOST URGENT, it’s about taking the lives of innocent and defenceless creatures!

Don’t you realize the BENKOVAC Authorities are smudging the good name of Croatia?

Just wait and see what the consequences of indifference towards animal cruelty and arrogance are… The dogs may be killed, but the International Community will not forget, not over a hundred years. The chicken will come home to roost, Croatia!

Awaiting your very early action,

Yours sincerely,


EU Citizen demanding EU Action ? :

La Vie Avant Tout.
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Government of Croatia! (agir) merci
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