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 Le Philippine continue de massacrer des chiens malgrés l'interdiction

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Le Philippine continue de massacrer des chiens malgrés l'interdiction Empty
MessageSujet: Le Philippine continue de massacrer des chiens malgrés l'interdiction   Le Philippine continue de massacrer des chiens malgrés l'interdiction EmptyDim 11 Mai - 17:11

Malgré l'interdiction de la viande de chiens pour la consommation humaine aux Pilippines, cet odieux commerce continue et des chiens continuent de se faire massacrer tous les jours dans ce pays

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Honorable Officials of Republic of the Philippines:

I commend Congress and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for enacting the
Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, with language to ban commerce in dog meat and
prevent rabies through required dog vaccination.

The new law surpasses Republic Act 8845 of 1998, with steeper fines and a
one to four year jail sentence for each dog slaughtered or sold for meat. It
also increases fines for caretakers who neglect to inoculate dogs against
rabies or let animals roam unsupervised.

Please strengthen funding for police training, provisional shelters, and
public humane education. As you know, the Anti-Rabies Law of 2007 is a
"paper law" only -- without proper financing and enforcement.

I am worried about illicit dog meat markets in northern regions in and near
Baguio City, where residents eat some 200 dogs daily. According to Humane
Society International, 500,000 dogs are annually butchered for food in the
Philippines, despite the 1998 ban in RA 8845. While the new law inflates
fines and jail terms, these advances are irrelevant without police officers
trained to investigate and arrest offenders. The law cannot be fulfilled
without firm prosecution and punishment of violators.

Most Filipinos shun dog consumption, but profiteers of this gruesome trade
can always find a market for dog meat. Publicized videos have revealed dogs
squashed inside wire cages in the suffocating heat. To supply dog meat
eateries around Baguio City and the Cordilleras region, strays and former
pets are captured or stolen and trucked from as far away as the southern
Tagalog provinces, Visayas, and Mindanao. Roughly half the dogs perish from
starvation and dehydration during the journey.

Survivors wind up in illegitimate slaughterhouses where workers wrench them
from cages with looped poles and smash their skulls. The dogs' mouths are
bound with plastic cord as butchers slice their throats at the jugular vein.
Expelled blood is bottled and sold. The dogs are then tossed over fires to
strip away fur. Some regain consciousness. Finally, their bodies are
dismembered for distribution to restaurants and public wet markets.

I respectfully ask officials to work within their area of command to uphold
the new law and permanently end the slaughter and sale of dogs for
consumption. I object to all egregious cruelty to animals killed for human
ingestion, including the merciless treatment of pigs, cows, chickens,
turkeys, sheep and other farmed animals around the world.

All sentient creatures feel pain, misery and fear -- regardless of their
intelligence. The Philippines can ease a piece of animal suffering with the
termination of its dog meat trade.

Thank you,

La Vie Avant Tout.
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Le Philippine continue de massacrer des chiens malgrés l'interdiction
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